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HDD Code of Conduct

Each class at HDD is designed to create exciting opportunities for dancers to learn, explore and have fun!  We believe in a structured, disciplined environment for each dancer to thrive and excel in their artistry.  These expectations are listed for your reference.  Please read before classes begin in September!

  • Dancers are encouraged to attend ALL dance classes.  If your dancer  cannot be at class, please leave a voicemail on the STUDIO phone.  Front desk will communicate the message to the dancers teacher.
  • Dancers are expected to wear appropriate dance class attire.  Costume Manager has links to suggested items.  Dancers not wearing appropriate clothing will not be permitted to take class.
  • Dancers are expected to be on time.  Warming up is an imperative part of each dance class.  Dancers who are not ready on time may be asked to do some sort of exercise upon arrival, if very late, they may be asked to watch.
  • Dancers are expected to behave in class and pay attention when the teacher is speaking.
  • Dancers understand that there is a zero tolerance behavior policy at HDD. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be removed from the dance class and parents will be involved.
  • Please use bathroom before/after class.
  • Students may bring water bottle into class with them.  They are expected to clean up their water bottles or this privilege will be revoked.
  • Label all dance shoes and belongings with name.
  • CLEAN UP  after yourself in the lobby, Kitchen and dressing room.
  • Please keep hands off the mirrors.
  • NO GUM in the studio–anywhere.
  • No food allowed beyond the lobby area.
  • No running in the studio.
  • NO CELL PHONES allowed in the studio.  Parents may call at anytime to contact their dancer.  All cell phones must be signed in at front desk or dancer will incur $100.00 fine on their account. This includes all electronic devices such as Ipods, Cameras ETC.
  • Bra Tops are NOT an acceptable form of dancewear unless covered by another shirt.
  • Once you register your dancer, he/she is expected to take classes through June.  If he/she quits mid-year for any reason, no refunds will be made and you will be expected to pay all monthly fees.  Written notice is required for extenuating circumstances.
  • Dancers are expected to demonstrate respect for all HDD Staff at all times; at the studio/performances/competitions etc.
  • Dancers are encouraged to make new friends with dancers in their classes. We enforce teamwork and fairness and dancers are expected to treat each other with respect.
  • Complete respect for the teacher and total politeness to the other students is expected from EVERYONE..
  • Dancers observing class for any reason are expected to be quiet and respectful. NO DISTRACTIONS
  • Dancers are expected to stay up to date on studio happenings/performances and competitions. Notices are always available on the website or in paper form at the studio front desk.
  • Only SMILES and GOOD ATTITUDES are allowed!.
  • Dancers should be prepared to try new things, have an open mind, and be ready to HAVE FUN!