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Dress Codes

ballet class

Ballet/Pointe Class

Dancers are expected to wear pink ballet tights (NO rips or holes) and any color leotard.  Ballet skirts are permitted.  Hair must be pulled neatly into bun.  Pink ballet slippers.  Warm ups are ok during winter months.  Shorts are NOT permitted.

*If Pointe is applicable, all pointe shoes must be approved by the ballet instructor prior to sewing ribbons.  We suggest a very snug fit.  Recommended is Russian Pointe and Grishko, however other brands are acceptable.

hip- hop class

Hip-Hop /Break Dance

Dancers may wear comfortable clothing such as hip-hop harem pants, leggings, shorts, or fitted sweats.  Bra-tops may only be worn if COVERED by another shirt.  Hair should be secured and out of face unless specified by the teacher. Dancers are expected to look like they are taking a hip-hop class! PLEASE wear knee pads if you intend to wear shorts!

All dancers are expected to purchase or wear sneakers that are specifically for dance class!  Any sneaker will be good for class.  Recital Sneakers will be discussed before winter break.

Jazz 2


Dancers are expected to wear tan or black tights with any color leotard or jazz pants with any color leotard or camisole tank top.  No loose articles of clothing.  Hair must be secured in bun or ponytail.  Dancers can be barefoot for warm-up and have black slip on or lace up jazz shoes for the rest of class.  Shorts are not permitted.


Twinkle Dance

Dancers should wear special twinkle star dress which comes in lilac or pink.  Dancers may also bring twinkle dance bear with them as part of class.  Pink ballet slippers, black Maryjane tap shoes and ballet pink tights.  Dancers should have hair as secured away from face as possible.

Fosse Jazz 2

Fosse Jazz

Dancers are expected to wear leotards with black or tan tights.  Leggings/Jazz pants are ok. Any color camisole tank top. Hair in ponytail or bun.  Shorts not permitted.  Character heels may be required for this class.



Dancers may wear any color tights, any color leotard, dance pants and t-shirt or tank top.  Pants may not cover the dancers ankle.  Hair should be secured away from face.  Dance shorts are permitted in this class.  Black lace up or slip on oxford tap shoes required.

modern dance class


Dancers are required to wear any color leotard and tights.  Stirrup tights are high recommended for class and required for recital, however transition tights are OK for class only.  Dancers should always wear tights, no bare legs.  Leggings are also okay over leotard. Dancers should be barefoot, or may utilize a half sole shoe. Hair in bun or ponytail.

acro class

Acro Dance

Dancers are required to wear any color leotard and pink or tan tights.  Stirrup or convertible tights only.  Dancers may wear dance shorts.  Barefoot for this class. No exceptions.  Hair in bun.  Absolutely NO jewelry other than stud earrings.

stretch and condition leaps and turns

Leaps/Turns, Stretch & Condition

Dancers should wear comfortable and moveable clothing.  Leotard and tights preferred, any color is okay.  Hair in bun or ponytail.  Barefoot or ballet shoes.