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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Please read the following policies & procedures carefully! HDD is implementing ALL of the following without fail to provide the safest possible dance education for our students.

  • HDD is running a regular class schedule for the 2020-2021 dance season.  Additionally, all weekly classes will be connected to GOOGLE MEETS for dancers to attend class online if they are NOT attending class in the studio. Pricing will be the same for both IN STUDIO and ONLINE classes.
  • Until  further notice, all voice classes and vocal privates will remain ONLINE.
  1. HDD Staff will be wearing masks/face shields.  They will also be screened upon entrance to the building everyday.
  2. Teachers will disinfect sound equipment, ballet barres, acro mats, light switches and door knobs between every class with provided CDC approved supplies in each studio.
  3. Every studio floor has been marked with tape 6 ft apart.  Classes will adjust as much as possible to accommodate social distancing.


**Twinkle Star Dancers ONLY***

  1. Enter the HDD parking lot through the driveway between Benjamin Moore and the Restaurant.  Please pull along HDD building to RIGHT and STOP at the sign.  **FIRST Entrance by staircase along building. NOT glass door!
  2. Miss Lindsay will meet parents and dancers outside at the new Twinkle Star Only entrance/exit.
  3. Miss Lindsay will take temperatures, sanitize hands, take attendance and bring dancers straight into the Blue room. ( this new entrance is the door located in the back hallway directly across from the Twinkle Star studio.)
  4. At the end of class, Miss Lindsay will sanitize hands again and walk dancers back out the door they entered from. She will then meet the dancers for her next class.

**All Dancers** (not including Twinkle Stars)

  1.  Enter the HDD driveway between the restaurant and Benjamin Moore and stay to the LEFT.  Drop off Dancers at the Main Entrance Glass Door.
  2. Dancers must wait at the door to have temperatures checked, sanitize hands, take attendance and escort dancers directly to their classrooms.
  3. For Pick up: ENTER IN THE SMOKE SHOP side of building and drive around the back to the LEFT.
  4. Dancers will have their hands sanitized again and be escorted out for Pick Up through the Double Black Doors.
  5. All Vehicles must exit AROUND THE RESTAURANT BUILDING.  There will be signs.  PLEASE FOLLOW THEM!


Please park on the opposite side of the restaurant, or along the back of the parking lot by the clothing bin.  We are trying to create an easy flow and we do not want cars to park in the way of children or our signs.  There is plenty of parking around the building that can be used.


  1. All HDD doors will be locked!  Dancers must wait outside for sanitizing and attendance. Once classes have entered the building, the doors will be LOCKED.
  1. If you are running late, you will have to call the studio so Miss Terri can meet you outside for sanitizing and attendance.
  2. If you are late for pick up, you will need to call the studio so we can set up a safe waiting place for your child.
  1. Parents will NOT be allowed to wait in the lobby.
  2. Dancers will NOT be permitted to use the kitchen area or the dressing room area without permission.  They will also NOT be allowed to change their clothes in the building, including the bathroom.
  3. Dancers must arrive ready to dance, in appropriate dance attire.  No changing clothes will be allowed.
  4. Dancers MUST keep their belongings in a CLOSED dance bag, with ALL needed shoes.
  5. Dancers will be assigned a spot in the dance studio for their dance bag, 6 ft apart.  Dance bag must remain CLOSED at all times.
  6. Water Bottles are permitted but must be kept inside CLOSED dance bags at ALL times.
  8. Please remind your dancers to LISTEN to the instructions given out by the teachers.  We want your children to enjoy their time at HDD as SAFELY as possible.
  9. Bathroom may only be used for going to the bathroom.  NO CHANGING CLOTHES, OR TRYING TO GET OUT OF CLASS. True Bathroom use ONLY!
  10. Parents, PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN to dance class if you have been exposed to COVID 19 or if you are experiencing any Cold/Flu symptoms.  HDD will perform touchless temperature checks on every dancer before they enter the building.
  11. Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer (provided by HDD) before entering the BUILDING and leaving the classroom.
  12.     Teachers will be cleaning and disinfecting all barres, door knobs, Acro mats, before and after every class.
  13.   Online classes will continue for those dancers that are not comfortable returning to the studio yet.
  14. Dancers will not be permitted to wait at the dance studio in between classes.  If you have a problem and need your child to wait, you will have to make specific plans with us so we can be sure they have a safe place to wait.

  New Rules for Drop Off and Pick Up:

Twinkle stars will use the back entrance that leads straight into the Blue Dance Studio.  Parents will meet Miss Lindsay at the door for hand sanitizing.  Pick up will also be at that entrance.  For Safety, please keep your little dancers in the car until the teacher comes out. There are a few steps there.

***If you are running late, please call the front desk so we can assist.

  1.     All classes held in purple and grey studios will have to Drop Off at the main entrance (Glass Door) and pick up at the Truck Entrance (Double Black door)
  2.     ALL entrances will be locked to help maintain control of who is in the building.  Teachers will escort dancers out as well as meet them to let them in.
  3.     If you will be LATE, you will have to call the front desk to be screened and let in.
  4.   Dancers will NOT be permitted out of class unless it is an EMERGENCY.
  5.   Dancers are strongly encouraged NOT to bring their Cell Phones, since germs can live on cell phone screens.  If your dancer must have their cell phone with them, it should be kept in their dance bag on SILENT.
  6. If your child forgets something at the studio, such as a cell phone, you will NOT be permitted to re-enter the building until the NEXT TIME YOU COME TO CLASS.

****Dancers will NOT be permitted into the building if they are exhibiting fever, or ANY  COVID symptom that is noticed by a teacher or that a student mentions they are experiencing. Should a dancer come in contact with or be diagnosed with COVID or any other illness, they will be required to remain learning ONLINE until 7 days symptom free and submit a negative COVID test.***

We really appreciate you bearing with us.  It will not be like this forever.  Please read this carefully, it is very important that everyone complies with all that the government has asked us to do.