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our story

The story begins to take form from late fall of 2010.  I was a dancer and I was dancing, but my mom knew many years earlier that there would be a studio and a school for dance in my future.

In 2011 it started to come to life.  I was ready and Mom was on board, as we brainstormed ideas of creating a dance environment that was current, diverse, technically strong, with its core values built upon strong personal relationships.

After months of hard work, HDD opened during the summer of 2011.  A dance studio where parents can relax and watch their children’s classes comfortably.  Lots of children filling up the three dance studios that are as vibrant as they are,  and teachers devoted and passionate to dance and the arts.  Many of our teachers traveling from NYC to share their passion with our dancers!

We are now entering into our eleventh year of dance and we are so proud of all the dancers we have had the opportunity to work with.  Our studio is a second home not only to us, but also to many of our parents and students.  We now have 4 competitive dance teams, a non- profit, a winter show and many other events throughout the year.

As we continue to grow, the most fulfilling part of this journey has been and will always be knowing and connecting with our dancers. Our relationships go deeper than dance, as they overcome fears and life challenges. Watching them progress and evolve will always be the best part.

-Amanda and Terri

I Love HDD!

  • My daughter loves HDD! They are so friendly and nothing like Dance Moms. Year 2, here we come!

    Angela Lane

  • My daughter loves this place - the teachers are wonderful and take the time to make sure your child is learning correctly. The owners have an awesome family vibe going on that makes you feel so welcomed!

    Ayesha Castro

  • Angela Lane
  • Ayesha Castro