HDD Alumni Return for 2022 Performance

High Definition Dance is incredibly excited to welcome back some of the senior dancers from 2020 and 2021.  Dance friends are a very special type of friend, and ones you do not come across a lot.  They are the special relationships that stand the test of time. These beautiful dancers have such a special story that only THEY will ever share.  A number of years ago, some of these dancers joined HDD because their childhood studio had closed without notice.  They became such good friends with the dancers who they met at HDD and we welcomed them with open arms.  A new dance family was found and new relationships were created, some friendships rekindled, and some just beginning.  Then, a HUGE turn of events when the pandemic happened, and the class of 2020 was not able to perform at their last dance recital, or even attend dance class in the studio. They did make an awesome senior music video at Clover Farm, but it wasn’t exactly the same.   Fast forward to 2021, and thankfully HDD was open for in person classes, and had an indoor dance recital, but it still wasnt the same.  Shows had to be much smaller so not all the dancers had the opportunity to say goodbye.  There was no real stage.  Although this group was able to do senior solos, there was still so much “Normal” missing.  Here we are now, recital of 2022, and this group is back together and bringing to the stage the senior dance they looked forward to performing since they were little dancers.  Watching them all come back together again, after some college and life experiences, is just heartwarming.  Come see them perform on Saturday June 18th!


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